Is Dalton Ross’ Twitter Broken?

Is Dalton Ross’ Twitter broken because he doesn’t like tweets? This is a question that many of us have had over the years when following Dalton Ross, and are only now starting to whisper about in small circles.

Could the all mighty Survivor expert really not “like” tweets?

Dalton Ross Twitter

He obviously knows full well how to create a “Pinned Tweet” but the act of liking a tweet must be foreign to him. I think it’s time for an investigation!

Like many of us, Dalton Ross joined Twitter in 2009. Since that time, he has amassed over 21,000 tweets! Us normal folk like to like tweets, we like lot’s of tweets! I for one, have liked almost 20,000 tweets. Am I a little loosey goosey with what I like? SURE, but who’s judging??

Maybe, just maybe Dalton is adverse to giving out recognition or praise?

Or could there be some other force of nature happening?


Does he not have a like option on his account? Does Dalton hate the look of hearts and therefore refuses to touch one with his cursor or finger?

Dalton loves Milwaukee’s Best. Could the years of drinking that garbage beer have affected him that much?

Or, is it all of us that should be questioning our use of the like function. Look at who else doesn’t like tweets….

The Pope Twitter

Dalai Lama Twitter

Is Dalton part of a religious order that doesn’t allow it’s followers to “like” tweets?

Tom Cruise Twitter

Hmm, maybe not.

Ok, if it’s not because of religious reasons, is Dalton in some secret organization that only allows it’s members to like a few tweets?

John Cena Twiter

Obama Twitter

The Rock Twitter

Ok, even the Rock, Obama, and John Cena have liked tweets before. Are our former president and future presidents trying to say it’s ok to like tweets? Dalton, I think it’s time to throw a like here and there. (If you are so willing, maybe like the tweet that this blog is attached to! )

If you don’t, you could end up like this guy.

Tommy Wiseau twitter


You can follow Dalton Ross here.

AND even better, you can follow me here. I actually like things…

Wes Dorne


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