The Troyzan Conspiracy

Something to make you think today.

I will be your guide on this journey to places that you may not know exist and when I’m done, you may want to forget they do. (Remember this compass, it might come in handy later.)


Prepare to enter The Troyzan Zone!


Our story begins long ago, before most of today’s Survivor fan’s parents were even born. Troy Robertson as he was known then was a model. If you didn’t know that, just check his Instagram on a Thursday, and you might catch a #TBT. Here are some of his shots:

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After years of toiling away at exotic beaches taking photos of some of the most beautiful women in the world, Troyzan wanted something else. He wanted to live out his dream of playing Survivor, so he made one of the most epic Survivor audition videos of all time. Even then, it wasn’t enough. It took Troyzan ELEVEN YEARS to get on. How could someone who looks and acts like the ideal contestant have such a hard time getting on? Something or someone was preventing him from living his dream. Thus, this leads us to the only possible answer…There was and is a Troyzan conspiracy.


Troyzan was finally able to achieve his dream and made it onto Survivor. His season? The highly rated and universally loved, Survivor One World. Cast alongside other heavyweights and seasoned players like Kat Edorsson, Leif Manson, Colton Cumbie, Jay Byars, Christina Cha et al, Troyzan knew he had his work cut out for him and boy did he prove himself. Troyzan was the star of the cast and would’ve won except for some mysterious circumstances which leads us to the 2nd part of The Troyzan Conspiracy.

Before we go any further, let’s go back to the compass that is guiding us through this journey. Where have we seen a compass on Survivor before?

hmm. The mystery is deeper than we could’ve ever imagined. Keith Tollefson, one of the most beloved Survivor players of all time was on Survivor: South Pacific which filmed almost exactly one year before Survivor: One World. Is Keith Tollefson responsible for Troyzan losing in One World AND THEN not getting on Survivor Cambodia??  Clearly, that compass on Keith’s body is like the tattoo in Prison Break. The Prison Break tattoo showed the way to get out of prison, Keith’s compass tattoo obviously pointed to the location of idols that only people in the know could find. How could Keith have shared his intel and influenced what happened on One World if he was there a year beforehand…. UNLESS he set up some intricate spy network and was communicating with someone from One World when Troyzan was out there….But who?…

Could it be that simple? Was Leif communicating with Keith through a secret telephone that was hidden in Leif’s box that he slept in? The proof is in the pudding, folks. Keith Tollefson and Leif Manson were responsible for Troyzan losing Survivor: One World.

Fast Forward to May 20, 2015 to our third part of The Troyzan Conspiracy – After weeks of exhausting tweets and Facebook posts trying to convince Survivor fans to vote for him to have a chance to live his dream once again, Troyzan is saddened to learn that he will not be going back to his island. Source


We all know the Second Chance voting was rigged. If Keith Tollefson and Leif Manson prevented Troyzan from winning One World, who prevented him from getting on Cambodia?…Really easy to point the blame at Andrew Savage and Jeff Probst BUT who else benefited by Troyzan not getting on Cambodia and also benefits with him cast on Game Changers?


Jeff Fucking Varner, that’s who. He rigged the system to get back on Cambodia, and thinks he is in total control of Troyzan so he allowed him back on with him in Game Changers. If Troyzan has anyone to blame for not winning Survivor it’s Keith, Leif and Jeff.

BUT, does this look like the type of a man who is going to go down without a fight? Absolutely not. Troyzan’s past Survivor life was a rigged failure, but will his rebirth change the course of his life and maybe even Survivor? “Things that were, things that are and some things that have not yet come to pass.” Will Troyzan figure out the conspiracy and rebel against one of the people that has held him back all these year in Jeff Varner? Only time will tell…



(What the hell did I just write???)

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