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We are back! The Last Minute Survivor Blog and everything Wes and Survivor are back for your reading enjoyment. Oh boy, thank God! There is nothing better than a new Survivor season and a completely new cast of contestants. We just went through possibly the busiest eight months in Survivor history, so it was nice to have a couple months break from everything and it’s nice to move on from Second Chance and to a fresh new season. I’m ready to get back to grinding out everything about the show, and I’m also ready to get back to normal life since the last four months for me have been loaded with travel and I can’t wait to take a couple months off of that. Got A LOT of stuff on my mind and will try to keep this short and neat, but that probably wont happen. Ok, enough with the babbling, on to episode one!

First Episode Stuff:

With the women, I’m having the same issue that I have with some Bachelor seasons, where a lot of the contestants look the same. There are about four-five of them that look exactly alike. I’m talking about Liz, Michelle, Jennifer and to a lesser extend Debbie. Mix them all up, turn them around and change their outfits and I couldn’t be able to tell them apart.

This season may take the cake for having THE WORST tattoos. Scot, Jason and Caleb combined have some of the worst ink I’ve ever seen. We are not talking grammar mistakes like what Hayden Pannettiere has, we are talking Mikey Bortone level bad tats. Relics from the 90s/early 2000s tattoos that people rarely see anymore.

Can we start calling Joe either Joe DC or Father Time? The guy needs a nickname.

Is it Jason, Kyle, Kyle Jason or Sarge? We already had a Sarge in Lea Masters, so we need something else for Kyle. Also, I figured out who Jason looks like. It’s the perfect Survivor mashup. Matt Bischoff + Chris Daugherty = Kyle Jason.

survivor-matt-bischoff_510x340  hqdefault (1)


Scot Pollard is like a mixture of John Rocker and Jean Robert. Pretty much the ideal slightly famous person that casting looks for.

It seemed like every  Big Brother fan was down on Caleb coming into this season. I’m starting to think that maybe the problem is with Big Brother fans and not Caleb. He seemed normal and just sorta Brandon Hantzian 1.0 to me.

Looks to me like there were a bunch of people on this season who may not have worked out a ton before the show started. Is that a trend now? Is it a good idea to go in with a lot of extra weight to lose? I’ve always thought that you want to spend a lot of time doing endurance and HIIT before you go. Also, you are on TV, shouldn’t you be ditching the Dadbod?

I always come back to this, but after One World, there was a quote attributed to Probst that said something to the extent of, “no more stupid contestants.” I can only assume that was meant for people like Christina, Kat, Jay and Leif. Did they decide to ignore that demand with Alecia??

I’ll say this about Alecia, she has handled this whole pen and, “I’m a mental giant,” like a champ. Same with Kyle and all the haters that he already has. Other players in the past cave into the insults and jokes. Seems like everyone from this season has learned from other’s past mistakes.

This is supposed to be the most “brutal” season ever, with a reported three medevacs, and after a harsh first three days. I believe it. We already saw how difficult Second Chance was. I’ve always been one to hate people who quit, but if you are taken out for (real) medical reasons, that’s another story. It wasn’t too long ago that the French version of the game had a death related to the conditions. The location where they were filming?….Cambodia. So, if people are taken out for heat stroke or other issues, I’m not going to hold a grudge. These people aren’t commandos or ultra marathoners used to the conditions. The human body can only be pushed so far.

Darnell over Alecia? Facing questions about the vote, Scot and Jason said that Darnell was too likable. I’m going to assume that it also had to do with them thinking they could control Alecia and could tell what she was thinking more so than Darnell. In these three tribe formats, loyalty is about as important as it gets.




Winner Prediction

Based on how brutal this season is going to be, I expect one of the grittier hardened contestants to go really far. Joe, Jason and Jennifer stick out to me. Jennifer is my pick.


Next Time on Survivor

We are just holding our breath waiting for the first medevac to happen. Everyone had their money on Aubry, Jennifer or Joe. Who’s going to be the first? I don’t even have a guess at this point. I think it could be anyone. Will we have two in one episode is what I’m must curious about.

Now that we are into the game, I think we should start counting days in between medevacs. Like the ones at jobs that say, “# Of Days Without an Injury” or in the NFL “# Of Days Without an Arrest.”

I still think Alecia and Debbie are next two out. They both stuck out as outcasts initially. Will medevacs save them? I love Joe this season and if he is gone pre-merge it’s going to be a HUGE disappointment. Tai I’m sure also turned everyone off by searching for the idol in plain daylight. Will that be enough to get him booted, or will he find it and work that into his alliance? Also, didn’t Debbie and Tai prove themselves as hard workers at camp and didn’t they do well in the challenge? Will that be enough to convince their tribes to vote someone like Liz, Neal or Anna first? So many questions!

Other Survivor Stuff:


We all know at this point that Kaoh Rong was filmed before Second Chance. The next season that is being filmed, season 33 will be filmed in Fiji. It will be interesting to see if contestants play like they did in Second Chance with “voting blocs” and more importantly, if they will be looking for idols during challenges. Wonder if that will slow any tribe(s) down and if so, will people be accused of doing so and then booted because of this?

Much more importantly than the show, is that Fiji was just hit with a massive Cyclone, which was the largest storm to ever hit the Southern Hemisphere. Hopefully the damage wasn’t so severe and the loss of life was minimal. I’m sure hosting the next season of Survivor is the last thing on their minds.

After 33, I’m hearing that season 34 will either be an all winners, legends of some sort or another second chance season. Makes sense, since so many former players have come out of the woodwork and are trying to create a following on Twitter and the first one played out really well. I usually hate when they double dip seasons, because for every great returnee season like a Fans vs Favorites – Micronesia there is a dud like Fans vs Favorites 2 – Caramoan (PLUS a returnee season just means that Wes isn’t getting cast!) If they do go with returning players, why not do winners vs legends? Get as many interesting winners (have to include Sandra) and add interesting and great players from the past. Who says no?

Speaking of my quest to get on and win, where am I with that right now you might be asking. First off, cue the music!

I believe that I am as close as I’ve ever been to getting on. Every year I ask myself, “are you closer this year than you were last year?” The answer this year is a resounding yes. It might not happen this year, but next year… In my audition video evolution, my first one I sent back in 2006 was dreadful. I feel bad for whoever watched it (if they did). The next one that I created in 2010/2011 I thought was excellent and what they were looking for at the time. My follow up in 2012/2013 where I was just talking and saying interesting things was poorly done and I didn’t put as much time and preparation that was needed into it. The one I sent in November I think was the best one I’ve ever created. It had everything that I think was needed, but maybe I need something else to push me over the edge in their minds. Not letting myself down. It’s all leading to the right place and I know I’m on the right path.

My friend Ariel had a really cool experience down in LA recently. He got to meet the Survivor composer (former composer I guess) Russ Landau. Check out his account here. Really cool experience if I may say so!



Ok, on to other things

Skipping this section this week. Will post some things next week. Have a great one!

Wes Dorne

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