LMSB – The Finale Is Here!

The longest season of Survivor is finally coming to an end. I remember sitting in a hotel room doing work in The Iroquois Hotel in NYC back in late March when the potential contestants for this second chance season were leaked. That was pretty much when this season started and now almost nine months later we are less than a day away from finding out who wins.

I started writing this blog last night in my condo. Then I wrote a little at SeaTac this morning, and I’m now finishing it up at a Starbucks in a Target in Westfield Mall in Culver City, CA. I might finally be able to publish it among all the lobby people at the Survivor hotel by 2 PM EST.

Speaking of the #LobbyPeople, I CAN’T WAIT to meet all these freaks. If I have time I want to get some of them on video.

UPDATE – At the hotel now. Already ran into a bunch of people. Will be posting on Twitter all day and night. Ran into like 10 former players right when we got here. (Have airplane hair and just feel gross right now. Probably should shower soon!

My Prediction

I don’t see how Jeremy doesn’t win. From what we have seen he hasn’t pissed anyone off, has made some strategic moves and is overall well liked which probably means the most in typical final tribal votes. This isn’t a typical vote though. This season more than others, it’s more about building your resume throughout the game and proving to everyone at the end why you played the best game. I think Kelley and Spencer have played better games than Jeremy. They both have fought against being voted out numerous times, whereas Jeremy hasn’t even sniffed danger yet and has sort of coasted the entire game. BUT, the main thing holding Spencer back from beating Jeremy is that if it wasn’t for Jeremy, Spencer probably wouldn’t be in the position he is now.

As for Kelley, her biggest obstacle is getting to the final three. If she gets there with anyone other than Jeremy, I think she wins. For the last couple weeks, I thought that she would lose to Spencer, but now, why would she? If she gets there, she will probably have to win a challenge and use her idol tonight. She will have had to accomplish more than anyone else to get there and that in itself I think might be deserving of a win. Plus, she hasn’t pissed off that many people save for maybe Savage, Joe and Kelly.

As much as I want Kelley to win, I think Jeremy does pull it out. Too many things would have to go wrong for him to lose.

If they still had the Player of The Year award like they used to, it would be quite the battle between Spencer and Joe. Joe’s fanatic fanbase would probably give him the win, but I think this year might have broken a record in terms of votes.

Here is my favorite tweet of the week and maybe the season:

Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 74 days.

Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Survivor fans for the most part are fun people who all share a love for the show, BUT, there are a lot of dickbags out there. We could go on an on about all the nonsense that goes on a daily basis in the Survivor online universe, but here is a recent example. I signed up to be a seat filler for the finale. I’m sure not that many other people did, so I thought I had a good shot at attending the finale. The group who was rounding up seat fillers sent an email with a questionnaire with questions about what Survivor meant to you and your experiences with the show. Of course, someone posted this on Reddit. You can read the questionnaire here. The person who posted it said they lived in NYC and couldn’t attend. Why post it? Well, of course the people who sent out the initial email found out about the Reddit thread.


More thoughts coming this weekend!

Wes Dorne

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