LMSB -The End Is In Sight

One week till the finale! A lot to get to since the last episode aired. It’s been a crazy week in the Survivor Universe. From Joe’s rabid fans lighting up social media with hate and even some death threats supposedly. (I didn’t see them, but based off what I read there were definitely some.) Instead of starting with “The End” by The Doors, I probably should have started with “Take It Easy,” or “Why Can’t We Be Friends.” Wes, why don’t you just post those songs as well?  Ok, here you go!

Let’s all collectively take a nice deep breath in and exhale. AHHH. Everyone, Survivor is a game and a show that we all love. Yes, it means a lot to some people, but it’s not worth threatening people who play or others who watch. I’ve gotten into minor Survivor arguments in the past online with people, but that’s where it ends. If you scan the official Facebook page for the show, and you go on some of the contestants Instagram accounts, you will see a barrage of absolute hate. It is so silly and unnecessary.

Also, I saw a lot of comments about how Joe “deserved” to still be playing? WTF show are people watching? Just because one player performs well in challenges and is a darling for the camera doesn’t give them any more of a right to be there over someone else. It’s a game for a million dollars, not a family fun time game.  But, hey, if you love Joe so much, maybe you want to donate to the Joe Anglim Foundation.

I don’t want to give any of the negativity any more attention, but I do have to point out one that is WAY too funny.


Ok, moving on.

Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 71 days.

I say this jokingly, but Keith has definitely earned his time and place in the game as well as Survivor lore. Who would have thought that when Keith was first introduced as a player in SJDS he would have this type of impact? He knocked out one of the best individual immunity threats of all time last week. Maybe Keith should be viewed as the biggest immunity threat of all time now. He is also in the top 20 in number of days playing the game. Crazy to think back when we first met Keith he would accomplish all this.

Keith (2)

Amazing immunity battle between Keith and Joe. Jeff went into a lot of detail about what went down here. Can’t ask for a better heads up duel. I mentioned on Twitter last week, that the battles these two had were some of the best in Survivor history.

Was expecting the episode to be ho hum, but with the family reward, the great immunity challenge and Joe’s ouster, we continued the trend of awesome episodes.

Last thing about Joe. I like Joe. Seems like a nice guy, but his fans and the way that Survivor puts him and the Malcolm types on a pedestal is just so boring and should be beneath the show. The fawning over them makes me not like them. They are two athletic likable guys. Let’s not crown them as heroes or saviours.

 Kelley Watch

I know some people probably just think I’m a shill for Kelley, but she deserves a ton of credit for how she has played and how she has handled the amount of negativity and hate. A lot of people would have curled up and stopped interacting with people on social media, but all this hasn’t stopped Kelley. I think that’s very admirable.

Can Kelley win? A lot has to happen, mainly Jeremy and probably Spencer would have to be voted out before the finals. I think Jeremy beats everybody, and Spencer and Kelley would be real close if they were in the final three with someone other than Jeremy.

This is the order that I see it in terms of who can win:

Ok, on to other things

Watched San Andreas which starred the Rock last week. Stay far away from this movie. I knew within the first five minutes that it was going to be a clunker. Boy, was I right. Usually I love disaster films, but this one was so poorly done. The acting was bad and the dialogue was even worse. Truly, one of the worst films I’ve ever sat through in entirety.

Not too worried about The Pats. All I care about with the rest of the season is that they get healthy, and they get that first round bye. Having Hightower, Gronk and Edelman out we should have expected a couple losses. The skeleton crew they had in obviously would have some difficulty. They will probably finish 13-3 or 12-4 now. Just get healthy!

Haven’t even watched the last episode of The Walking Dead yet. Such a disappointing and let down of a season so far. This is the season where absolutely nothing meaningful has happened.

Been taking improv classes for the last six months. About to take the level three class in January. At the end of level three my class has to perform to pass. At first when I heard about this in level one, I was scared, but now I can’t wait to do it. Improv has truly been a great experience. Learned a lot, got over some slight fears and met a bunch of great people doing so.  If you have stage fright, clutch up in front of a camera or have issues talking in front of groups I definitely recommend taking improv.

Wes Dorne

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