LMSB – It’s December!

I think we are all in agreeance that this season has been awesome. One of the many things I’m thankful for this year. Can you imagine if this season had been a let down? What would have had to occur? Stephen, Spencer and Kelley as the first three out with a final three of Vytas, Monica and Woo? Ugh, I can’t even think about that.

I’m sitting here in Newton, Massachusetts on Wednesday morning getting ready to head back to Seattle after a great ten day visit home. Lot of great family and friend gatherings took place, but I’m ready to get back to the grind and also to talk Survivor! (When I just typed Survivor out, I instinctively put a # in front of it.#TwitterProblems)

Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 68 days.

I keep thinking that Jeremy is a challenge threat. Is it that Joe and now Spencer are that much better?

Wanted to rip Joe a new one for acting like he was too good to scramble and pretty much pulling a Brenda from Nicaragua. (When she acted too good to scramble, it was easily one of my most hated moments as a fan. Why was she asked back again?) He was obviously playing it up like he had an idol though. So, good play Joe. You hung around another week. He better win tonight or he is probably gone.

Can’t really fault Ciera or Stephen in the games that they played. Both of them came into the game wtih some of the largest targets on their back. Stephen arguably #2 after Joe and Ciera maybe right after Stephen or Kass. They both played very entertaining games and both tried to stir shit up and make moves once the merge happened. Two players who everyone should really appreciate and who made the most of their time out there.

I do think that Ciera’s downfall was her desire to play a big game and was thought of as a shifty player. If I was playing, that would be the type of player I  would be most concerned with and would want out early.

This isn’t throwing shade at one person, but a lot of people in general. I don’t tend to know everything about Survivor. Obviously,  I’ve never played, but there are a lot of people out there who claim to know exactly how to win or are critical of people’s games or opinions. Former players or let’s call them armchair Survivor winners. The only people who have a real clue in how to play  a winning game are the ones who have won or made the final two or three. If there is someone who has played two or three times and never made the finals then I have to question how knowledgeable they claim to be at the game.


I’ve always loved the Ponderosa videos. Kelly and Savage acted like whiny bitches. Get over it, you got voted out. Life goes on. “I got voted out the day before my birthday” WAH

Looks like Ciera was given Peanut M&Ms right after she got voted out. If asked, that would definitely be one of my top choices of candy.  A Snickers and maybe a Whatchamacallit would be my top two.

download (2)
Probably need to find one of these now.

Wouldn’t everyone watch a special Ponderosa episode of Survivor the week of or before the finale? Would be a nice build up to the finale.

Kelley Watch

Kelley has somehow managed to conceal herself after her idol play on Savage. There have been three votes since, and Kelley hasn’t really come close or been in danger of being eliminated. With Joe and suddenly now Spencer in there as physical threats, Kelley should be able to sneak by till the next tribal unharmed. Can she save her idol till final five?


Is there a lot of Natalie fans? I liked how she played her game, but her social media is awful. Look at this tweet from today. Classic! Throwing herself into the discussion of this season. If she was congratulating her fellow SJDS members of playing well, why not just include an image of them? Me first personality like you read about. No mention of Kelley?…

Viewer Outrage!!

I really didn’t want to dig that deep into it, but supposedly there was a lot of outrage at Spencer for not teaming up with his fellow RHAP friend Stephen. Idiot fans not even thinking about the game and just assuming in their dimwitted fanfiction brains that Survivor should just be one big brofest/nerdfest. Get over what you want to happen and give credit to Spencer for assisting in voting out Stephen. It was the right play for him.

Loved Ciera shutting down Shane here.

Next Time on Survivor

I feel like we are in for a let down of a show tonight after so many crazy episodes. Seems like a Joe, Kelley or Abi kind of vote tonight. Will Kelley or Jeremy play their idols?

Ok, on to other things

The worst type of social media people are about to emerge from their hibernation. The Anti-New Years resolutioners. I cringe when I see their posts. We’ve all seen them before:

“The gym was crowded today because of the resolutioners. Good thing I stuck with mine throughout the year”

“Probably going to take the next couple months off while the gym is packed. Can’t wait for these people to go away!”

Basically anyone who is critical of anyone for starting to work out again and at the same time bragging because they work out all the time. Get a life!

Speaking of New Years, here are Wes’ Top Five Holidays!

Memorial Day – The holiest of the holies. The king of kings. You’ve been plugging away at work since Easter and are just desperate for some time off. The weather is finally nice and its time to get together with friends and get nice and drunk. Plus, I’m Mr. Grill. The commander of the fire. I think anything tastes better after being cooked over charcoal or smoked. Give me all the delicious meats and all the sides that go with Memorial Day BBQs.

Thanksgiving – Coming home and seeing family for the first time in awhile and that one time each year that all your friends are back home. I’m all for extending the Thanksgiving break to including the Wednesday of the week. How fantastic would that be? Plus, who wouldn’t want a two day work week? Also, we have Thursday football and I guess some people like that gross food.

Labor Day – As great as Memorial Day, but worse because you know it’s the culmination of summer and almost the end of warm weather. Signifies the start of football season too which usually kicks off the week of labor day or the week after.

Christmas – Brought down a bit because Thanksgiving was already the time when you get back together with family and reconnect with friends. Christmas is obviously #1 as a kid because of the gifts and the extended time off of school and snow usually started falling in Boston around Christmas time.

Independence Day – Memorial Day steals a little of the luster from Independence Day. Like Christmas, July 4th was a lot cooler as a kid. Fireworks were bad ass and it was usually hot as balls then. Now, July 4th is usually a travel time. Still awesome though.

New Years misses the cut because we just had Thanksgiving and Christmas and are kind of burnt out of eating crap, getting drunk and want the 9-5 routine back. Of course, by the end of January you are eager for those holidays to come back. Anyways, that’s my list and I’m sticking to it.

Randomly booked a trip to Cabo in February the other day. Will be my first time to Mexico. Really looking forward to it.

Also booked my flight and hotel for the Survivor finale. Now comes the hard part in finding tickets to the show….

Wes Dorne

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