LMSB – Turkey Edition

Everyone ready for the blandest meal of the year tomorrow? Before I get into that, we have some Survivor to talk about! Coming up we’ve got thoughts from last week’s episode, happenings this week, a special Survivor Turkey award and some other randoms stuff at the end. And away we go…

Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 63 days.

Jeremy is impervious to votes now, right? Maybe… A couple of people have had two idols in the past. Will Jeremy be more like Parvati or like James who was voted out with two idols? Where he’s at in the game, I can only see Jeremy using the idols for himself. He’s already so far in, and he is a physical threat so he might be able to pull out some challenge wins if Joe ever loses. I don’t see Jeremy passing out idols unless something drastic happens.

Loved this image of the challenge.  Looks epic.

Noticed that during the challenge, none of the contestants had on shoes. When they ran the same challenge back in Cagayan, Woo wore his five finger shoes. I wonder if they determined that he had an advantage and wanted to level the playing field?

Love the element Jeff introduced at the challenge that Stephen won. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, these challenge enhancers add a lot to the game. Wonder if contestants are going to start planning for these for Survivor 33 and up?

With the advantage that Stephen won, he can steal someone’s vote until the final five. Ideally, if Stephen is still in the good graces of his main alliance of Jeremy, Tasha, Keith, Kimmi and Joe he could swing the vote to a tie if he has one other ally, or he could vote someone out if he has two other votes. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Favorite quote of the episode that could be viewed in a sexual way

“I wish I had about a 16 sized foot” ~Keith Nale

Kelly voted out.

Still don’t really understand Jeremy and Stephen’s vote of Kelly. I understand it if they worked with Tasha and their other immediate allies, but if I was Tasha I would feel a little betrayed and worried about the vote and would question my allegiances to them.

Not going to lie, I got a little emotional during Kelly Wiglesworth’s Ponderosa video. Not about Kelly getting voted out. I thought she played a very blase game. It was that Survivor to me brings back lots of feels. This is a show that has transcended time. It’s taken me from the end of high school to married life now. Like Terrence Mann says in Field of Dreams (don’t get me started on that movie) “The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball.” Well in my life, the one constant has been Survivor.


Kelley Watch

Kelley is approaching a notorious record. She currently has 11 votes against her with 19 being the record. With Jeremy hogging the idols, it might be tough for Kelley to get there. If she doesn’t win, I hope that she sets that record. Would be a nice consolation prize.

She really needs to press Jeremy for an idol if he reveals it to her or win challenges. Other than Joe, Kelley seems like the biggest threat left in the game. On that note, what the hell has happened to Spencer? Seems like he is the forgotten person this season. Why doesn’t Spencer join up with Ciera, Abi and Kelley and someone else to take over the game? I know it’s easier said then done, but c’mon guys, the game is ripe for the picking now.

Viewer Outrage!!

What happened to giving people credit for the work that they do? The photo in the tweet was created by this person but a lot of accolades went to the person who tweeted it out as well.

If you see something that you like, just give credit to the creator. I know I have in the past probably shared stuff that wasn’t mine, but content thievery has to stop!

Next Time on Survivor

Rain rain go away is right. Here’s the preview for tonight’s episode:

I think we have witnessed what they are about to go through before:


This season filmed from May 31- July 8. From Tourism Cambodia:

The wet season comes courtesy of the southwest monsoon which blows from May to October, bringing with it some 75% of Cambodia’s annual rainfall. Not surprisingly, the wet season is characterized by rain, and during the peak of wet season from July to September it can rain as much as two out of every three days.

I would not be shocked if the rest of the season (15 days) is all rain.

Obviously, a season with nonstop rain would be the worse, but if you were to determine when in the season would be the worst time for rain to happen, I’d say the last 3rd since everyone is already beat up and tired. I’m as hardcore a fan of real survival situations as you can get and love to test my limits, but I would not be opposed to the remaining contestants getting some sort of assistance in this situation. From the looks of it, people look miserable and out of it.

In case you didn’t know, here are the rules for real survival. Rule two is in play this season since the shelter that has been built isn’t probably suitable for survival. (I think this graphic is sort of wrong. I think it’s 3 weeks without food. Not 30 days)



Since we are talking about rain, there’s not a better song suitable for the rest of the blog:


Survivor Turkey 2015 

When you saw me mention that I was going to award someone the dubious honor of being a Survivor Turkey, I bet you thought I was going to give it to the usual crew of Dan Foley, Rodney or Andrew Savage. Nope, I’m giving it to myself. Why? A number of reasons. I should have been blogging all the last year and live tweeting the show when it aired on the East Coast. (Just found out about the streaming site that everyone uses. Huge win for Wes.) Plus, all great awards need to be given to someone special to start. If you ask my friends who they think is a bozo or a turkey, I’m probably one of the first people they will mention. So, The 2015 Survivor Turkey award goes to Wes.

I can grow that beard in two weeks. NBD


Ok, on to other things

I love family gatherings and coming back home to Boston which is pretty much where Thanksgiving was invented, BUT the Thanksgiving meal is my least favorite of the year. Baked turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes and stuffing is just not for me, people. Never liked it and I never will. Way too bland and lacks flavor. My Mom is a great cook but even if Thomas Keller or Mario Batali were cooking it, I wouldn’t like it.

Fitting that turkeys were chilling in the backyard today.

Crazy travel season is upon Wes. It started early this year with a friend’s bachelor party in Las Vegas then his wedding in LA in October. Following that up with Thanksgiving in Boston now, maybe another trip to LA mid December, Montana for Christmas and back to Las Vegas for a friend’s 30th on New Years. My thinking is that you only live once and when I have kids this kind of travel wont be possible. Better to do it now!

Hope everyone has a great day tomorrow. whether you like the food or not. If you have read this far, I’m especially thankful to you.

It’s almost 2016… Yikes!

Wes Dorne



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