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Starting to get back in the swing of things of late. My first couple blogs I thought were average at best, BUT I think I’m finally starting to cook with gas. I also figured out what I’m going to call this, The Last Minute Survivor Blog, or LMSB for short. I think it works! On to thoughts from last week’s show, happenings this week and some random stuff at the end. Here we go!

I enjoyed Savage back when he played in Pearl Islands, but this time I didn’t. He came off as a braggart and his reliance or desire to play the “old school” way I thought was silly. Plus he came of as arrogant. Maybe it was the edit, or maybe not. I did enjoy the struggle and despair he went through at Angkor. (I’ll say this though, if I was out there I’d probably act like an asshole too. 20 days with no bed, toothpaste, crap food and even crappier people would really test me and make me talk tons of shit.)

Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 60 days. Yes, this guy!

Starting to think that he should be mentioned in the same group with Philip and Rupert as people who have played the most but still have no idea how to play the game. (Rupert played 104 total days and Philip played 67.)

You can’t not love him though!



Is that GIF on par with the best Survivor GIF of all time?


Was shocked we didn’t get a HII clue at the reward. I guess the only way to get them is at challenges now.

Huge props to Kelley for cancelling out the record amount of votes ever in Survivor history with her idol. Always a good thing when you can put your name in the record book. More about the vote in the Kelley Watch section below. Was anyone else thinking about this scene when there were 9 votes cast for Kelley?

Favorite quote of the episode that could be viewed in a sexual way

Lots of Joe’s ball talk at the challenge which I thought was too much and way overdone at this point. Maybe I’m just not that into Joe’s balls. More about Survivor balls here.

 Kelley Watch

WolfWe are in trouble folks. The wolf has shed the sheep’s clothing and is now out in the open. Kelley is definitely enemy #1 for the ones in power.

In Stephen’s People column he mentioned Kelley’s superb acting job:

Wentworth also played it up perfectly before Tribal Council. She sat alone by herself on the edge of the shelter looking miserable and dejected. I did however remember being surprised that she took a major role in helping clean the rice. Our small rice store had developed mold, and we were separating out the moldy rice from the good rice, grain by grain. It was annoying detail work, and Wentworth spent a good hour or two at it. She knows she’s going home, I thought – Why is she cleaning out the rice she won’t even get to eat?

(Made me recall Ozzy’s terrible acting job at Redemption Island in South Pacific when he tried to act like an idol was played to vote him out. Coach’s crew saw right through it.)

A challenge win or finding the hidden immunity idol is a must for Kelley tonight. If not, then she might be getting the 24 silent clock treatment or the Lost Life & Death sendoff on Twitter.

Next time on Survivor

I’ll agree a little with some who said that this season was somewhat slow and methodic from episode one to the merge, but boy has it picked up. Last episode was an all timer, probably a top 10-15 episode and from the looks of things, it might continue to get crazier.

I see this playing out a couple ways.

Here are the factions I believe:

Abi, Ciera and Kelley


Jeremy, Tasha, Fishbach, Keith and Kimmi

With Spencer, Kelly and Joe on the outside of the main alliance but just voting along with them for the time being. If Kelley’s group can get Joe and Spencer and someone else to join with them then we might see some fireworks. If not, it might be Survivor Caramoan all over again where Reynold, Malcolm and Eddie were able to get Philip out but then were slowly picked off when their idol supply emptied. Or maybe Kelley can go on a challenge win streak.

Viewer Outrage!!


Lots of thoughts and feels about this tweet from Mike. Hmm, ok, where to begin…

First off, people were upset about this? Why why why get upset about a tweet from someone you watched on Survivor? If you don’t like it, don’t follow them anymore.

Newsflash, people who are on TV and post on twitter might post about their opinions on politics or world events sometimes. You follow them, they don’t follow you.

Shocking that someone from Texas would have an opinion like this, right? If you watched Mike and listened to his interviews pre and post Survivor this shouldn’t come as a shock to you. I personally don’t agree with this, but I’m not going to let my briefs get in a bunch over something so harmless as a tweet. Seems like other people did. I don’t bury my head in the sand, but my rule of thumb is not to post my thoughts about anything that controversial. Social media to me is a fun place to me, why does it need to get nasty or serious?

Also, people should know by now that Survivor Twitter is mostly liberal. Keep that junk to Survivor Facebook which is a wasteland where crazy thoughts and opinions run rampant.

Ok, on to other things

Can we stop referring to things as hacks? Lifehack, FoodHack, HackHack, etc. Credit to Buzzfeed and other list sites for destroying the term. (What would a SurvivorHack be?)

If the Pats don’t finish 19-0 I will be shocked. They are far and away the best team in the league. The only thing that will hold them back is more injuries. Who stops them in the AFC? Nobody. The only team in the NFC that troubles me the slightest is the Cardinals (and Giants ugh) who look to have the most complete team other than the Pats. People should already concede the Super Bowl and perfect season to them. What people should really worry about is them going 38-0. They don’t have any major free agents after this year and will gain cap space when they dump a couple veterans. Scary times for the rest of the NFL!

Wes Dorne

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