Is This The Most Unpredictable Survivor Season Of All Time?

This has been a great season so far. Why? Because it’s been unpredictable, which to me is one of the best elements of a successful Survivor season. It seems like the majority alliance changes every three days and that anyone can go home at any vote. There are also no clear “villains” or “heroes’ which I think tend to be relied on in weaker cast seasons. Also, more importantly, there haven’t been any over the top controversies that have plagued at least one recent season. Alright, on to the last episode before some random stuff at the end!

Merge feast

We had our annual merge feast. I would’ve loved to see a long extra clip of everyone looking at each other as they opened all the containers of food as they scanned for idols. It could’ve played out like a long dialogue rich uncut scene from a Tarantino film.

I’m a big Stephen fan and I love everything he has brought to this season. Who cares if his poem felt a little forced, I thought it was a nice moment.


If the disc on top of the well isn’t an idol, then I might as well just give up watching Survivor. That’s an idol and someone needs to pick it up ASAP.

Wasn’t a huge fan of the first immunity challenge. In general, any ball balancing or plate stacking I’m opposed to. Just give me the straightforward endurance challenge dammit!

Joe won immunity. I don’t think he can sandbag an immunity challenge at this point. Everyone knows he’s a threat, so he might as well try to win them all and rely on his alliance. Plus, people like Savage, Jeremy, Tasha, Kelley and Spencer could give him a challenge at any physical challenge.

Ciera saying that she wants to win and is playing to win at tribal was probably not the best strategy. Overall, any time people talk about how much they want to win or open up about how much the money or the win would mean to them is not something you want to share with the group. It’s obvious that everyone wants to win, just don’t make it seem like you want it more than others.

Kass was a wildcard coming into the game and I’m not sure there is anything that she could’ve done to prevent her ouster.

Stephen, Spencer and Jeff touched on how the game of Survivor has evolved at tribal. They were talking how it’s crazy how the vote changes every tribal, and that three small women were up for elimination at the beginning of the merge which is crazy because it’s usually a stronger male. I agree with this to an extent, but it TOTALLY matters the season. In a juiced up all star season, you will absolutely see advanced vote out/ alliance strategies. In a season with new players, I think it would be unlikely to see any kind of new strategy implemented nowadays. So, let’s wait until the next all star season to see if the evolution of strategy in Survivor is actually happening.

New Feature Alert!

I’m going to start making people aware of the improbable which is happening before our very eyes. Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 58 days total! That is not a typo. No one gave this guy any chance of winning or going far when he was first introduced back in San Juan Del Sur and now he is on his second season and going deep into this game probably. Unreal!

Favorite quote of the episode that could be viewed in a sexual way


“Joe’s a guy I wouldn’t mind sticking with and swinging with.” Spencer

Viewer Outrage!!

Kass vs Pavati – This was hot in the Twitter street last week. The interview started with Parvati confronting Kass about some possible issues they had in the past. Their issues seemed to have been resolved, then all hell broke loose after the blog/pod aired:

Kelley Watch

She’s in a great position right now. She’s been able to infiltrate the majority alliance for the time being and was a major player in voting out Kass last episode. In addition.she hasn’t played her idol, nor has she told anyone about it. Kelley, go to the well and get that second idol and stir shit up!

Next time on Survivor 

Will someone find that idol? We’ve been promised big moves and a potential blindside occurring. This season has lived up to the billing, so I assume something will happen. Should be good!

Ok, on to other things

Had to toss out a cucumber today that was well beyond being considered edible. Got me to thinking that old, mushy cucumbers are probably one of the grossest stale fruits and vegetables. I can’t think of anything else that is grosser. Can you?

Haven’t mentioned the little guy here yet, just on other platforms. My wife and I adopted a Schnauzer-Yorky mix that we named Watson from a shelter this summer. The transition from not being a dog owner to a dog owner couldn’t have gone smoother. I’ve been a cat bro since I adopted one back in college in 04, but I’m slowly turning back into a dog guy again. Watson has become an integral part of our life and really is a great dog. He doesn’t have any issues, and is not a pain in the ass like some other dogs. One of the best parts about him is his ability to fit under the seat in an airplane. He better get used to traveling! Also, he looks really cute in a bow tie.

Wes Dorne

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