Oil, Goodbye Woo and Merge Time!

Real quick one today, folks. I’ve got class in a couple hours and I’ve been slammed with lots of stuff of late. Another awesome episode of Survivor with probably one of the best of the season airing tonight. Let’s get it on!

Ah the old fashioned oil challenge. Now is a good time to remind everyone that Chelsea and Amanda once partook in this! #NeverForget

Amanda Survivor OilChelsea Oil Survivor

For all those potentially calling me a perv for including the Chelsea and Amanda photos up there, I must’ve seen hundreds if not thousands of likes or shares of the “Joe Oil” GIF. Double standard!

I know it’s hard to switch around challenges, but after Terry’s ouster, maybe switch around the reward and immunity challenge so that we don’t just go into the oil challenge? Just a thought. Was a little weird emotionally seeing Ciera and Kelly crying then we get Keith staring at Joe’s oiled bodice. On the other hand, maybe it was needed and was a good transition.

Loved everything about Stephen’s confession where he cried about potentially wasting his opportunity to make a move. This is the type of Survivor passion I love and what makes me a diehard fan. If we had this type of emotion every season, I couldn’t see myself ever losing my love for the show.

Kimmi, just eat the fucking pig brain.

Would’ve loved the fried frog. That would have been delicious to eat on day 15.

If I was Kass and Spencer, I would’ve played up this so called feud between them and used that against everyone. Will be interesting to see if that’s what they did or if they do actually hate each other.

With so few original Ta Keos left, I think people like Woo are being used as throwaway cast outs before the big showdown between the original Bayons happens. Is it as simple as that? Are Kelley, Kelly and Spencer next?

Pretty hard not to like Woo. He made a terrible blunder his first time by bringing Tony to the end, and he didn’t seem to get anything working this time out. If only Abi had been the first one to get voted out and not Vytas, this game would’ve played out so differently.

Viewer Outrage!!

Didn’t see much complaining this week. Maybe some idiots were claiming Terry quit, but based off various sources he was pulled from the game. In case of emergencies, every contestant from what I’ve read appoints one person to be able to pull them from the game. Terry’s wife was the one that said that he should come home. Too bad, Terry is as big a Survivor hero as they get. Heroes vs Villains 2?  (If he did quit because his son was in intensive care, there is nothing wrong with that. Survivor is just a game)

In thinking of Terry’s game, I think he faced a real long shot to go far in the game. If he had made the merge, he would’ve needed a blindside of either Jeremy or maybe Savage to get close to the end. Hey, it’s Survivor, maybe it could’ve happened. Who knows!

Actually, there was a little outrage that they only choose to show a couple of the ring toss match ups. Guys, there were 13 total match ups, the show isn’t going to show every single one of them.

Kelley Watch

The Terry exit hurts Kelley and Spencer the most. He was going to be a shield for them if Ta Keo ever went to tribal. Now, she is one of the only four original Ta Keos left. Abi isn’t much of a threat and is probably thought of a goat to bring to the end at this point. Also, it doesn’t seem like Kelly Wigglesworth has really immersed herself in any solid alliance either, so she seems dead in the water. The only other person that could shield Kelley would be Spencer who seems to always have a target on his back.

I wonder if Kelley would’ve used the idol to vote out Jeremy or Stephen if Bayon had lost the immunity? Would Kelley have voted out Jeremy???

Next time on Survivor 

We are about to witness one of the craziest merges in Survivor history. After all the pre-game alliances and alliances that were formed during the initial tribes and swaps, anything can happen. Plus we have two hidden immunity idols, and I could see them having a Men’s and Women’s immunity necklace up for grabs. Shit is going down!

If I’m Kelley, I take the risk and not use the idol right here. With her connections to Jeremy and now Joe, I think Spencer and Wigglesworth are in more danger.

Ok, on to other things

It’s time for Wes to kick some ass!

Just finalized plans for a trip back down to Willamette Valley, Oregon in January. This is a part of the country that I think is overlooked. Being from Boston, I’m sure I never heard about it when I lived there. Living in Seattle, I hardly hear anyone ever mention it or know of anyone who has been. Long story short, I went there with my wife for our one year back in July and couldn’t have had a better time. The area is CHOCK-FULL of wineries and great food. You always here about Napa being the preeminent wine destination in the US, but from what I hear, Willamette is gaining ground. Back in the 90s there were something like 40 wineries, now there are over 400! Something about the soil allows for Pinot Noir grapes to grow and flourish there. In addition to the fantastic wines, there is lots of great artisanal food shops and restaurants. Pretty much a foodies/wine lovers dream destination. I highly recommend it.

Wes Dorne

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