LMSB – Turkey Edition

Everyone ready for the blandest meal of the year tomorrow? Before I get into that, we have some Survivor to talk about! Coming up we’ve got thoughts from last week’s episode, happenings this week, a special Survivor Turkey award and some other randoms stuff at the end. And away we go…

Keith Nale has now played Survivor for 63 days.
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The Last Minute Survivor Blog!

Starting to get back in the swing of things of late. My first couple blogs I thought were average at best, BUT I think I’m finally starting to cook with gas. I also figured out what I’m going to call this, The Last Minute Survivor Blog, or LMSB for short. I think it works! On to thoughts from last week’s show, happenings this week and some random stuff at the end. Here we go!

I enjoyed Savage back when he played in Pearl Islands, but this time I didn’t. He came off as a braggart and his reliance or desire to play the “old school” way I thought was silly. Plus he came of as arrogant. Maybe it was the edit, or maybe not. I did enjoy the struggle and despair he went through at Angkor. (I’ll say this though, if I was out there I’d probably act like an asshole too. 20 days with no bed, toothpaste, crap food and even crappier people would really test me and make me talk tons of shit.) Continue reading

Is This The Most Unpredictable Survivor Season Of All Time?

This has been a great season so far. Why? Because it’s been unpredictable, which to me is one of the best elements of a successful Survivor season. It seems like the majority alliance changes every three days and that anyone can go home at any vote. There are also no clear “villains” or “heroes’ which I think tend to be relied on in weaker cast seasons. Also, more importantly, there haven’t been any over the top controversies that have plagued at least one recent season. Alright, on to the last episode before some random stuff at the end!

Merge feast

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Oil, Goodbye Woo and Merge Time!

Real quick one today, folks. I’ve got class in a couple hours and I’ve been slammed with lots of stuff of late. Another awesome episode of Survivor with probably one of the best of the season airing tonight. Let’s get it on!

Ah the old fashioned oil challenge. Now is a good time to remind everyone that Chelsea and Amanda once partook in this! #NeverForget
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