Survivor and Lots About Monica

Alright, the 5th contestant has been voted out, Monica, we hardly knew ya! Did she really play Survivor twice???

I kind of agree with Monica’s reasoning for rationing the clams in the bay, but it’s Survivor and anything can happen. Eating what you have as soon as possible is probably the best route to take. Plus, why start up a potential argument with Kimmi?

I’ll just leave this tweet here:

Nice to see Angkor enjoy some success, especially Woo who just has his initial win against Joe for rice and this recent immunity win to show for his experience so far. Abi continuing to play the role of awful person by complaining about Woo’s story about his mom and trying to claim that her ACL injury was the same. Nope! Not sure if she can try harder for attention or for the role of “villain.”

Keith Kelley Butt
We were graced with two great Gifs this episode. First being Keith’s quasi goose of Kelley.

Now on to Monica, who I surprisingly had a lot to write about given her lack of anything this season. Here’s a link to a Q&A with Monica on after the show aired. Nothing too special in there except this quote that I can dig into:

7. Can you paint us a picture of what it’s like being a castaway?

“For Survivor, you see one hour a week. You don’t realize that we are on seven days a week, 24 hours a day. There are cameras there constantly. It’s hard to get a sense of that—how long the actual day is and how much one little thing can be blown out of proportion. There are so many elements and factors that go into it. It’s hard to stay ‘on’ and genuine at the same time, and be real and be in the moment without constantly overthinking where you might end up in the game. It’s definitely a completely different world. It just depends on how you handle stress, but you have to just try to play the game and not get too paranoid, which, for me, I thought that was the hardest [part]. Some people handle that better, like Jeremy, who is a firefighter and is constantly in high-stress situations. He’s really cool with staying calm under pressure.”      

Then this quote from Stephen, “Survivor can be as slow as it can be fast, and Monica was going 90 mph in a school zone.” So, from what I can ascertain out of this is that Monica thought she was trying to play it cool and not be too paranoid, but Stephen who helped get rid of her claims that she was playing the game nonstop and it was obvious. Along with what Kimmi was spreading about Monica trying to start an all woman’s alliance, it’s easy to see why she was voted out.

What could Monica have done differently? In her exit interviews there was lots of talks about aligning with the likes of Kelley and Ciera and the talk of a women’s alliance. All this makes me think that if Monica made a more concerted effort to try to align and get in good graces with women AND men she might have gone further. Also, JUST MAYBE Monica wasn’t that strong in challenges and her tribe also viewed her as a challenge liability. A lot more about Monica in my week’s VIEWER OUTRAGE below.

Meanwhile, were we talking about Fishbach?This is the best GIF/Vine I saw of his slingshot mishap:

All credit to:
Second being this great one of Stephen. All credit to: SurvivorTopTen


Monica was late calling in to Dalton Ross’s weekly Survivor interview. People were actually pissed about this and calling for Monica’s head when Dalton tweeted this:

Monica’s response:

My guess is that she went to a viewing party and got a little banged up and it took her longer than normal to wake up out of it. Further proof that social media is way too reactionary.

This is the other thing this week that kind of pissed me off. I’ve gone on in length in the past how I hate hearing about people bitch about their edit. Dan Foley in particular did it last season. So, I really don’t want to spend a lot of time bringing this silliness back, BUT I have to here. Monica complained on Twitter and in exit interviews about how she didn’t get any air time or “her story arc” wasn’t told. To this, I say, big fucking deal. You got to play Survivor twice. You have thousands and thousands of “fans” and followers on social media now. Face it, you didn’t play that great or interesting of a game either time. (Plus, she voted for Natalie over Russell) Production didn’t screw you, it just wasn’t in the cards for you. A lot of people will make claims that production rigged it for some players to make excuses for their loss. Why would production ruin the game by keeping Spencer and Kelly in the game? Not everyone can win, and not everyone can get a heroes edit. Just because you weren’t the belle of the ball or the apple of production’s eye doesn’t mean you have to lash out at Survivor. Childish spoiled behavior if you ask me. To all future contestants, the final edit is not up to you, it’s up to the people who run the show that you signed up to play. Also, production isn’t out to screw over people for other people’s gain. Take the edit and your bad gameplay for what it is and be happy that you got to play again.

Kelley Watch

Did everyone want to align with Kelley? Seems like Kelley had the pick of the litter for picking out potential alliances. Goes to show you that being nice on social media and not talking trash about your experience or people you played with can potentially help you if you ever play again.

We have another tribe swap approaching. With the idol and some bonds with other contestants, I think Kelley is safe for at least two votes.

Next time on Survivor  

I would’ve liked to have been surprised by the tribe swap, but oh well, I am a huge fan of them. It keeps players and viewers on their toes/edges of their couch as to who is aligned with who and who can be voted out and most importantly it cuts down on the telegraphed votes going into the merge.

Things are going to start to get real dicey with the merge looming. Once the merge does happen, it’s going to be an all out brawl. So many alliances have formed and been broken apart already. I wonder if that third idol will be found?…

Ok, on to other things

Was in LA for six days over the last week and had a great time. I’m not sure I could ever get sick of the weather there or the amount of things to do and places to see. Been to San Diego and LA every year since I moved to Seattle, and will probably start going more frequently since we always enjoy ourselves down there. My sister-in-law lives in Santa Monica and it’s only a two hour and change flight, so it’s pretty ideal.

Lot of hiking options close to downtown. This one was in Malibu.
Didn’t realize how close some hiking options were to downtown. This one that we did is in Malibu.

Best Walking Dead episode of the season by far. The episode was gripping from beginning to end and the lead up over the first two episodes finally did payoff. It was about time they killed off another one of the main characters. It would be implausible to live in a land full of zombies and have people continuing to outlast them.

Another boring The Last Man on Earth episode. I think I jinxed it when I mentioned how good of a show it was. The show is great when it shows how the people are existing without society and some of the ridiculous antics Will Forte does like driving around in a stealth bomber, living at The White House or having a full sized T-Rex skull on his dining table. We need more of that!

Wes Dorne

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