Survivor and Random Wes Thoughts

How’s everyone doing! Good? Glad to hear! Ok, on to some thoughts I had from last week’s episode of Survivor and some random Wes stuff at the end for your enjoyment.

Seeing the Angkor five struggle and based on what Tasha said, “we haven’t really eaten in four days,” is a great reminder that Survivor isn’t a walk in the park like all the other reality competitions. Also, for all the purists, this is classic Survivor to see contestants struggle through the conditions with barely nothing. So, I don’t want to hear anything about the producers helping them out!

Sneaky play by Kass to fake making the immunity idol to earn brownie points with her tribe. Allowed her to practice potentially making one in the future and also gained a friend in Kelley with the birthday gift.

Spncer Knee Survivor
How did Spencer not tear something here?

In the past, Survivor has gotten rid of challenges that can seriously injure contestants. I bet they modify this one a lot before they use it again.

Are people still fans of Tasha? Her nastiness was talked about a lot by Jeff in his exit interviews.

“Well, I don’t know Tasha personally. I tried to get to know her, but she wouldn’t let me in. She was closed off and she puts up a wall. She smiles a lot, but her eyes never do. You can take a picture of her face and put a piece of paper over the mouth. Just stare at the eyes, and that will tell you one story. Put the paper over the eyes and look at the mouth, and that will tell another story.

I remember Tasha being oppressive. Wouldn’t allow people to talk to each other and would cause a scene when they tried to. She was very bossy. She was nice to some people, but very mean to me. Nasty is a word that comes to mind.

Jeff wouldn’t be the first person who played with Tasha who said she had a nasty persona in the game. Now, you could account this to sour grapes by Jeff, but when you combine that with what Trish said, then we have a pattern forming.

Didn’t catch Kass wearing Keith’s hat the first time. Pretty funny seeing that. Plus, this GIF is awesome!

Loved the back and forth scrambling between Woo and Jeff at tribal. If it’s ever obviously down to two people in a similar situation at tribal, this is exactly how they should argue to not get voted out. (Jeff won the argument, but his injury was probably the real reason why he was voted out)

Huge loss having Jeff go out this soon. The guy was great in his confessionals and is overall just an extremely likable contestant. Wouldn’t be shocked if he came back for another returnee season. Lot of talks about a Third Times a Charm season. Could also see a Last Chance, Final Chance, HvV2 or a Legends season.

Jeff joins Francesca, Colton and Russell Swan as the only two time players to never reach the jury phase of the game. Kelley, Kimmi and Savage can join this elusive group if they don’t reach that point this season as well.

This guy is not having fun right now.

This week in viewers outrage – Been seeing some grumblings that this season isn’t meeting people’s expectations. If you go into a season expecting it to be the best or top three of all time, chances are you are going to be let down. Sure, Abi has kind of dragged this season down a bit, but we’ve had very good challenges, good strategy, an awesome new twist with the idols at challenges, a solid new location and overall I think a pretty satisfying first quarter of a season. Generally, any season halfway between the opening and the merge gets stuck in the mud and has some boring episodes. Name me a season besides Heroes vs Villains that doesn’t?

Kelley Watch

My new feature that I should have started from the beginning of writing these. Looks like she has a new buddy in Kass. Terry would be my guess to be the first out if the Bayon tribe went to the next tribal. Every single person voted out has come from the original Ta Keo tribe. Not much has been made of this, but we are heading towards an “Ulonging” of Ta Keo. Not since Samoa and Palau, has a tribe in a 20 person season been wiped out so easily. In Palau it eventually got down to 9-1. Not sure Ta Keo will fare that poorly. Kelley does have the idol. It will be interesting to see if she can hold off on using that till at least the merge. (I have not been spoiled)

Ok, on to other things

What’s the deal with people who push the walk button when it’s obvious that you have already done so, or are standing right next to it?  The same thing happens with the up/down button on an elevator when you are right next to it and the light for up or down is illuminated. Do they think they have a magic finger that commands the walk signal or elevator to appear immediately? Are they that impatient that they think pushing it again will make it go faster? Truly, a dick thing to do without people realizing it.

Chicken Marsala vs Chicken Picatta – Is there a bigger mismatch in Italian food or in food in general? Who in their right mind would choose picatta over marsala? Marsala is probably a top 10 food for me and picatta is probably somewhere between 40-75. I wonder why restaurants would even put them both on the same menu? Are they even on the same menu in places besides The Cheesecake Factory? (Haven’t been to that garbage restaurant in years) I’m guessing that the people who choose picatta over marsala just don’t like mushrooms. Talk about a childish dislike, right? I can understand hating the nasty looking mushrooms, but mushrooms in general are delicious!

No contest! I think I know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

Speaking of The Cheesecake Factory and other restaurants like it (Applebees, Fridays, etc). Would you say they specialize in microwaving food? No actual “cooking” goes on there, right?

I spoke last week about how bad the first episode of The Walking Dead was. The second episode WAS EVEN WORSE! What a waste of an episode. They kill off all these red shirts with some bogus attack by randos. What’s with the filler episode? There are like 12 episodes a year, how about they move the plot just slightly each episode, is that too much to ask? On the Stern show this morning they were talking it up about how awesome it was and they mentioned how Kevin Smith said it was one of the best episodes of TV he’s ever seen. I was flabbergasted. It was just killing and not much development. Eh, maybe I’m just over the zombie/people killing which there was a ton of.

Worst episode of the series for Last Man on Earth. Another filler. I guess a good show can have an off episode.

Count me as one of the millions who is counting down the days till 12/18 when Star Wars:The Force Awakens comes out. I’m going to be in Montana when it comes out. Can’t be certain that the crowd there will be respectful and keep quiet, so I may have to go at a really odd time. Either super late or super early to avoid the riff raff. Definitely not an experience I want ruined by someone talking or cheering every time ___ comes on the screen. Also will be FAR AWAY from social media till I see it.

Wes Dorne

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