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Really didn’t think I’d get a blog in this week. Still a little woozy from my Vegas trip this last weekend, (More about that at the end) but, I’m sticking to this and doing one for every single episode. Tall order for sure, but I’m really enjoying this season, so why not write about it!

The season has been awesome thus far and has lived up to the billing. Each episode has delivered, although this last one was probably the weakest of the three.

Really liked having the tribe expansion/extension there for a number of reasons. We are perfectly split up by sex, a couple fan favorites who were at the bottom are now in better positions and best of all, all alliances both pre-game and made during the first six days are pretty much nullified. Also, it makes this episode and the last couple episodes before the merge a little more interesting. IN ADDITION, a pagoning post-merge with the alliance that you started with would be very hard at this point. Lots of good stuff!

I was annoyed by people with their complaining about Savage before this episode aired, but the  complaining and the defeatist attitude at the swap was pathetic. Dude, why would you ever talk about how hard the swap would be, or how “devastated” you were? I would act like I was happy and thrilled to meet new people and see a new part of the island. Basically Survivor 101. Watch an episode or two, bro.

In one of the Facebook groups I’m in, people were actually complaining about Kelley’s confessional where she was, “kicking Terry under the bus.” I said it last week, and I’ll repeat it again, Survivor fans ALWAYS find something to complain or bitch about. It’s nauseating and so childish. Grow up!

Varner Middle Finger Cambodia Rain

We got a taste of the monsoon like weather they encountered in Cambodia. What a kick in the junk it must have been to build a new shelter, right? After only 7 days and having to spend all that time to build shelter instead of finding food or the idol must have really weighed on them.

Haven’t heard any complaints about hiding the idols at camp. Rightfully so, because everything about it has been amazing. Jeremy’s idol grab wasn’t nearly as great as Kelley’s, but it still added a tremendous element to the somewhat boring challenge.

Jeremy Idol Survivor

I liked the move from Tasha calling out Jeff for trying to signal to Kelly at the end of the challenge. It blew his spot up and it also added a ton of drama with Woo then questioning Jeff about deals, and really showing how divided this new tribe is. Real good juicy stuff we don’t always see at this point in the game.

Abi and Varner are bomb throwers willing to destroy alliances and vote anyone out. Fantastic for the show, but you have to wonder why you would want to align with that kind of player in the game? Did this worry Tasha or Savage at all when choosing to align with them or Woo and Peih-Gee?

After the vote out, doesn’t it seem like 20 days have already passed? Seems like this season is moving slower than other ones.

At this point in the game, we shouldn’t feel bad for anyone for getting voted out. If you can’t come up with some kind of alliance or plan by day 8 or 9 it wasn’t meant to be.

Been seeing a lot of old Survivor players coming out of the woodwork recently and starting to campaign for their second chance to play. Based off of how fast they did a second Blood vs Water season, I’m sure another second chance or last chance season will happen relatively soon.

How frustrating was The Walking Dead the other night? This huge build up to a big zombie destruction bomb or a mass killing of them then nothing? WTF Also, lose it with the black and white. We are watching a show about the survival of humans in a zombie world, not Citizen Kane or Pleasantville.

If you aren’t watching Last Man on Earth, you should be. Awesomely funny with some touching moments here and there. Will Forte is amazing in it.

Filming my last and best Survivor audition this upcoming Saturday. Not going to go into much detail about what I’m saying/doing because there is no need to give all my competition out there any info. The time is right and everything has aligned to get Wes on Survivor. I have a whole lot to offer and have way too much to say, but I’ve probably already said too much. If anyone has figured it out by now, the hardest part of winning Survivor is getting on. Once on, how hard could it be to win!? All I know is, it is time for Wes.

Ah Vegas, where do I begin. I’m really conflicted about the city. I’ve written the next couple sentences and deleted them a bunch of times. Every Vegas trip I go on, I come back absolutely wiped out. Thankfully, I’ve learned that at 32 I can’t go at it like when I was 24. Gone are the passing out at 6 AM nights and waking up at 10 AM to start again. This trip was more about hanging out with friends, eating good food and trying to relax and not have the flight back a disaster. Still though, the reverberations of the weekend are still here on Wednesday. I guess you could say that Wes has finally grown up. Hell, I was functional when I got back to Seattle on Sunday night. Not so much in the past!

Wes Dorne

2 Comments on “Last minute Survivor and other stuff blog!

  1. Good read. Keep it up throughout season. I don’t know…seems lik PG was voted out bc of odd move by Tasha and lawyer dude. They(woo, pg) did do what you say they should have or the edit made it seem like they did.

    And regarding Vegas, strap on your balls and hit the town like the masshole you are. You cannot become a pnwer that easily. 40 is the new 21 my breaux!

    • Thanks a lot! Always appreciate your feedback.

      If voting out strategic threats, yea PG was the move there but I just find it very hard to trust Abi. She’s a wildcard.

      Dude, trust me, I enjoyed Vegas and definitely hit the town:

      Just have to handle the Vegas drinking days with ease nowadays. Way too many crazy past experiences.

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