Survivor Episode 2 Thoughts and Prepping for Episode 3 Tonight

Going to jump right in. Remember, there will hardly be any strategy talk, just thoughts on what we’ve been shown, the show and the absurd.

Somewhat interesting that we have barely heard a peep from Ciera, Monica and Kimmi yet we’ve gotten a heavy dose of Joe, Jeremy, Savage and Stephen. Would be nice to hear from the women on that tribe. (Maybe that changes this upcoming episode.)


Spencer vs Savage

The popular theme so far has been, #FuckAndrewSavage. Why? Because he is threatened by Stephen’s knowledge of the game? Because he told a sob story about how he misses his wife? I have no idea. I think people are jealous of the guy. Andrew seems like a nice enough respectable person, who is playing a solid game. In podcasts and tweets, I’ve seen a barrage of hate unleashed on him. Compare that with Spencer, who is doing his usual whining and complaining because the game isn’t going the way he had planned. Also, Spencer was shown to be crying about having to vote out his friend Shirin. That was accepted, but Savage’s real life emotions for his wife weren’t? Blatant Survivor hypocrisy if I’ve ever seen it. One person who has a hard time coming to grips with playing the game compared to the tolls the game takes on someone for being away from their loved one. Wonder how much love and admiration would’ve been given to Joe had he been the one to cry instead of Savage?

Is Shirin capable of playing Survivor without making it about her past hardships? I don’t think so. Look, Shirin seems like a nice person, but she’s frankly not cut out for the game. This season was about second chances, and I assume the theme we will see played out for the rest of the time will be if people learned from their past mistakes. So far, the first two people voted out did not. Vytas went into his strategic yoga teacher mode and Shirin jumped right into an exclusive two person alliance with Spencer like she did with Max last season. I feel bad for whatever issues has plagued Shirin in the past, but I really don’t think she can handle the mental and social aspects of the game. Also, go out with a little class next time, Shirin.

What happened to Abi was not as extreme as to what happened to Shirin in Worlds Apart, but it was to an extent similar. Abi’s game is terrible and is probably on par with Zane Knight and Brandon Hantz, but if she used this outburst/fight to help vote out Shirin, Abi should be given some credit. ( I believe it was Jeff who led the ouster of Shirin, but if the Shirin and Abi tangle triggered her ouster home, then all the credit in the world to Abi)

If Abi’s game is predicated on finishing 2nd or 3rd and gaining Twitter and Instagram followers she is doing a good job.

I know it’s an all stars season, but you can just tell how much more interesting and added depth this season there is compared to the last two. It has that feel of an old school season that we’ve all been clamoring for.

Halftime YouTube Interlude. The following is probably what Spencer and Stephen were singing in their head. Heard this song long ago for the first time in The Wizard. The Wizard FTW (That trailer is horrendous. Doesn’t do the movie any justice. It is also the quintessential buddy/road movie trailer. You could put that trailer song and the narration to almost any movie from the 80s/early90s.)


Wouldn’t it be funny if Abi is somehow responsible for the ouster of Shirin, Spencer and Stephen? Someone who no one thought had any game taking out possibly three of the biggest strategic threats and fans of the game. I at least would get a kick out of it.

Wonder what the nonsense that people bitch about and are outraged overon social media after this upcoming episode? Seems like it’s something new every episode now. Survivor fans will never be happy.

New Tribal Divisions! 

Don’t click through unless you want to get spoiled. Actually, just close the tab you are reading because I’m about to go in depth about the new tribes.

Who gains the most? Spencer and Stephen benefited by far the most out of anyone. Both were at the bottom of their tribes, and both play a very similar game. Now they could form an alliance with each other and one to two other people. Stephen could even take out Jeremy first and get rid of part of the group he was supposedly battling with on the Bayon tribe.

Who is suddenly in a lot of trouble?

Kelley like her first season could be screwed because of this swap. She went from a solid 5-6 person alliance to nothing. Will be interesting to see if she shows the idol to someone on her tribe to try to gain an ally. I bet she was PISSED once the swap was announced and happened.

I love three tribes formats, and it’s obvious that Survivor does too. Counting this season, three of the last four seasons have all had three tribes. Having three tribes instead of two breaks up potential 5-6 person post-merge alliances that in the past used to dominate and almost always dictate the final four.

Is There a Pattern to Three Tribe Seasons? 

All Stars – The Saboga tribe went to the first two tribals but Rupert and Jenna were able to make it to the final four.

Philippines – The dreadful Matsing tribe lost four members right away but Malcom and Denise were able to weather the storm and finish in the final four.

Cagayan – Luzon went to three of the first four tribals but still put two members, Spencer and Kass into the final four.

Worlds Apart – The Masaya tribe lost three before anyone else, but still put one member, Carolyn, into the final three.

Cambodia – Results TBD

In the first four three tribe seasons, the first tribe to lose 50% of their members always sends at least one person to the final four. Four seasons isn’t the best sample size, but it still seems to indicate that losing tribe members doesn’t prevent you from having a shot at pleading your case at the end. Will this season be different?

That’s all for me. Heading out to Vegas this weekend where it will be in the mid 90s and sunny. No complaints!

Wes Dorne

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