Survivor and Lots About Monica

Alright, the 5th contestant has been voted out, Monica, we hardly knew ya! Did she really play Survivor twice???

I kind of agree with Monica’s reasoning for rationing the clams in the bay, but it’s Survivor and anything can happen. Eating what you have as soon as possible is probably the best route to take. Plus, why start up a potential argument with Kimmi?

I’ll just leave this tweet here:

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Survivor and Random Wes Thoughts

How’s everyone doing! Good? Glad to hear! Ok, on to some thoughts I had from last week’s episode of Survivor and some random Wes stuff at the end for your enjoyment.

Seeing the Angkor five struggle and based on what Tasha said, “we haven’t really eaten in four days,” is a great reminder that Survivor isn’t a walk in the park like all the other reality competitions. Also, for all the purists, this is classic Survivor to see contestants struggle through the conditions with barely nothing. So, I don’t want to hear anything about the producers helping them out!
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Last minute Survivor and other stuff blog!

Really didn’t think I’d get a blog in this week. Still a little woozy from my Vegas trip this last weekend, (More about that at the end) but, I’m sticking to this and doing one for every single episode. Tall order for sure, but I’m really enjoying this season, so why not write about it!

The season has been awesome thus far and has lived up to the billing. Each episode has delivered, although this last one was probably the weakest of the three.
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Survivor Episode 2 Thoughts and Prepping for Episode 3 Tonight

Going to jump right in. Remember, there will hardly be any strategy talk, just thoughts on what we’ve been shown, the show and the absurd.

Somewhat interesting that we have barely heard a peep from Ciera, Monica and Kimmi yet we’ve gotten a heavy dose of Joe, Jeremy, Savage and Stephen. Would be nice to hear from the women on that tribe. (Maybe that changes this upcoming episode.)



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