All Things Survivor With Wes: Episode 4

This week we are joined by Rene again (Is Rene my co-host now?) and Tom Tumillo. Twitter accounts: Rene Tom Wes

How would Tom, Rene, or Wes fare on Survivor as 18 year olds? How did Wes gain over 50 pounds in college? Learn about how Tom handles peeing his pants, Rene sharting and much much more!

Part 1 – Ghost Island thoughts and audition video breakdowns

Part 2 – You ain’t cool unless you pee and poo your pants + lots of other stuff!

This week’s audition video critiques:

Zackary Penn Kalamazoo, MI

Ryan Muldowney – Shittsburgh, PA

RPMSurvivorAudition2016FINAL from Ryan Muldowney on Vimeo.


This is obviously a work in progress, but I’ve had fun each time I’ve done them and that’s all that matters, right? Each one improves on the previous one. This week the video obviously worked much better.  uhh, there actually was video this time! I added theme music, we did the cool video in video, and much more. Who knows where we will be in 10 weeks from now… Thanks to all who have listened so far and will continue doing so.



In case you missed the last couple episodes:

Episode 3 with Rene Hererra

Episode 2 with Jen Secular and Keaton Seacrest

Episode 1 with Adam Rida and Brandon Dworak

Is Dalton Ross’ Twitter Broken?

Is Dalton Ross’ Twitter broken because he doesn’t like tweets? This is a question that many of us have had over the years when following Dalton Ross, and are only now starting to whisper about in small circles.

Could the all mighty Survivor expert really not “like” tweets?

Dalton Ross Twitter

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The Troyzan Conspiracy

Something to make you think today.

I will be your guide on this journey to places that you may not know exist and when I’m done, you may want to forget they do. (Remember this compass, it might come in handy later.)


Prepare to enter The Troyzan Zone!


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A Survivor Applicant Through The Years

1st Video – Happy Go Lucky. “This is what I’m meant to do!” Talks themselves up like they are the best and most interesting person in the world.


2nd Video – “Trying this again! My second video is SOOO much better than my first.”

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Survivor Second Chance 2!

We are getting some late breaking news coming in, folks. My source on the inside (who I definitely haven’t paid) has confirmed that season 34 is going to be Second Chance 2! Also, instead of taking place in Fiji, we are going back to Samoa!


Hold the applause please.

(Before you get too far ahead, if this is your first time here, feel free to check out my running diary of the day of the Survivor Cambodia finale and the after party!)

Official song for 34. Please, someone make a “Going Back to Samoa” version for me. Thanks!

Anyway, I know you ALL came here for the leaked casting spoilers for Survivor season 34. But before you do, we are going to be starting a newsletter, and yes our very own Patron group. So please sign up here! Also, thinking about a new fresh name for the website I’ll be building. How do the following sound?
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LMSB -The Pen Cap

We are back! The Last Minute Survivor Blog and everything Wes and Survivor are back for your reading enjoyment. Oh boy, thank God! There is nothing better than a new Survivor season and a completely new cast of contestants. We just went through possibly the busiest eight months in Survivor history, so it was nice to have a couple months break from everything and it’s nice to move on from Second Chance and to a fresh new season. I’m ready to get back to grinding out everything about the show, and I’m also ready to get back to normal life since the last four months for me have been loaded with travel and I can’t wait to take a couple months off of that. Got A LOT of stuff on my mind and will try to keep this short and neat, but that probably wont happen. Ok, enough with the babbling, on to episode one!

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Survivor Cambodia Finale

About a week late, but better to write this now when it’s still fresh in my head than never. It’s been a crazy last two weeks but without further ado, my Survivor Finale Wednesday running diary!

I feel like I need the 24 countdown clock to start the day.

Ok, that’s better.


4:40 AM
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